Siliconezone by Karim

All around the sink.

2012, Siliconezone celebrates its 10th Anniversary and announces its pioneering co-operation with renowned American designer Karim Rashid to bring us what is meant to be a super-cool kitchenware series – “Siliconezone by Karim”.

A sub-brand of Siliconezone, “Siliconezone by Karim” turns a traditional piece of kitchenware product into a practical yet trendy household item that decorates your place wherever it is placed.

In three theme colours of white, grey and light blue, the exceptional series softly and comfortably integrates itself in kitchens of any style. Featuring a total of 9 items from cleaning, storing to organizing, this series includes sink strainer, scrub brush, dust pan and brush set, soap dispenser, sink mat, sink roll, cup tree, paper towel holder and foldable dish rack, which are available in a combination of any 2 theme colours for choice.