Cut by Emblem Flexible Cutting Board (Set of 4)

Cutting Board

A set of four color-coded cutting boards which help you and your family stay away from cross- contamination during food preparation. The color coding and inspirational graphics provide an at- a- glance reference as to which cutting board is to be used for what food item.

Product Code


Product Dimensions

15.8" x 12" / 40.2cm x 30.5cm

Available Colors

  • Green & Translucent White
  • Red & Translucent White
  • Yellow & Translucent White
  • Blue & Translucent White

Characteristics of the Product


Prevent food from sticking during cooking or baking.

Cross Contamination Safe

A system that prevents cross-contamination during food preparation.

BPA Free

Free of bisphenol A – a compound found in plastic food and drink containers are harmful to health.